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Activity Log

June 22, 2015 ------------
- Starter Pack. vinea03, vinea19, vinea09, tomboy03, marmalade12, logic03, ribbon12, thesun05, magicknights06, prejoin25

June 23, 2015 ------------
- Lucy's Freebies: geass18, galactic25, scarf07, optimist22
- Lost Bubbles: prince17, prodigy13, thesun24
- Release: softlight04, softlight18, seifuku21, purelight01, purelight10, aurora14, elvensniper08, irisheart13
- Bonus: vinea24, purplestar, and yellowstar!
- Wishes (stars): bluestar, greenstar, pinkstar, purplestar, yellowstar
- Wishes (luck): guilt14, grandsummon11, cardcaptor04, musket07
- Blackjack with Rio: ragnablade19, bellatrix06, pichiduet06
- Usagi's Hangman: ruby08, knowledge25
- Party Guests: nonsuke08, bassguitar12
- Rizumu's Card Match: president13
- Pick a Girl (Setsuna): gardener06, centernova25
- Mermaid Princess Wheel (Lucia): swallow10, niflheim05, bluestar

June 24, 2015 ------------
- Nanoha's Monthly Freebies: sadako05, lemon07, assassin04, magicknights10, purple10
- Nanoha's Monthly Freebies (JUNE): jellyfish04, grandsummon04, vinea01, geass01

June 26, 2015 ------------
- Quit Members' Cards: geass10, vinea14, red04
- Member Made Decks: berry04, fragment01

July 06, 2015 ------------
- Blackjack with Rio: backlace17, believer07, candlelight18
- Usagi's Hangman: genius17, art09

July 07, 2015 ------------
- Party Guests: rosario23, model21
- Pick a Girl (Kaon): excalibur19, onigiri01,
- Rizumu's Card Match: berry04, yellowstar
- War: paperfan19, grimoires12
- Belldandy's Lucky Slot Machine: goddess07, scarf13, rosebride18
- Lucy's Freebies: bellerophon09, galactic04, divinebuster08, grape09, bluestar
- Birthday Rewards: untouchable22, sensation09, bellatrix06

July 17, 2015 ------------
- Member Made Decks: umbrawitch01, divinebuster23

July 22, 2015 ------------
- Events: events21, events22
- Wish (Daraen): hatter14, empty13, manager06, kosmos16, detective10
- Wish (Phynix): vinea20, vinea25
- Release: bassist01, bassist13, archangel05, archangel13, turnaboutladies08, turnaboutladies13
- Blackjack with Rio: lambent07, capisce07, blossoms02
- Usagi's Hangman: rainwoman19, seas06
- Lucy's Freebies: whitemagic01, starlet07, thesun14, art03, bluestar
- Party Guests: sake24, manager16
- Rizumu's Card Match: thesun20
- Pick a Girl (Kaon): violin20, kendo22, pinkstar
- Belldandy's Lucky Slot Machine: watercolor15, rosario15, enraiha13
- War: dancer15, swallow02
- Tic-Tac-Toe: persocom20, greenstar
- Charm Lottery: wolf07, hydrangea12, genius18
- Mermaid Princess Wheel (Coco): rayearth25, melody17, celestial12, choice card: vinea18
- Wish (Lily) Mermaid Princess Wheel x2 (Rina): bellerophon08, witch22, celes17, choice card: vinea22
- Momoko's Wardrobe: grandsummon11, highelf25, exodus23
- Lost Bubbles: guide14, healing07, marionette18, greenstar, purplestar

July 24, 2015 ------------
- Events: events23
- Release: bestfriend12, bestfriend13, endless07, endless08, gucci01, gucci02, pottery10, pottery12
- Wish (Kairi): black13
- Wish (Samichan) Lucy's Freebies x2: sake08, massacre09, gaia13, wolf04, orangestar

July 26, 2015 ------------
- Level Up: vinea17, marmalade02, art04, orange04

July 26, 2015 ------------
- Lost Bubbles: umbrawitch03, justice25, lemon25, orangestar

Trade Log

June 23, 2015 ------------
- Traded Liz: my prejoin25 for vinea12, vinea23
- Traded Kairi: my swallow10 for geass03
- Traded Mousey: my gardener06 for vinea21

June 30, 2015 ------------
- Traded Lex: my purelight10 for vinea16

July 11, 2015 ------------
- Traded Chives: my tomboy03 for grandsummon09

July 21, 2015 ------------
- Traded Chives: my rosebride18, president13 for geass04, geass09

July 22, 2015 ------------
- Traded Akito: my magicknights06, prodigy13 for vinea11, geass19, mc-Akito
- Traded Kairi: my witch22 for geass25

July 23, 2015 ------------
- Traded Mousey: my guide14, ragnablade19, prince17 for cardcaptor19, hatter02, musket12

July 25, 2015 ------------
- Traded Samichan: my exodus23, watercolor15, mc-Bea for geass08, cardcaptor25, mc-Samichan

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