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01 September 2015

02 September 2015
  • An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post. (August Monthly Task) seawitch06, escaped08, zora03, humanist09, diary14, naginata20, cherrytree16, prismvoice10, canine08, nabradia14, shorthair07, mariposa09, judo20, lenster08, hearts16, rayofhope04, fincutter14, sheriff12, receptionist04, kunoichi03, darkboots01, kekkai13, eye11, seaeagle09, pherae08, viena19, shimabara14, reddevil08, fodra17, tomorrow20, rainbow05, wisel02, doubles16, newsanchor08, buckler20, nyuudou09, 1 green crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray grayon

03 September 2015
  • Reading Between the Lines 172. scale14, battlemem17, music06, rose01, fallere12, ahoki08, gardening07, collider03, madder08, gangster18, 1 green crayon

04 September 2015

05 September 2015

09 September 2015

16 September 2015
  • Recycled Art. (08/31) drawing08, graceful07, graceful09, graceful10, graceful14, graceful17, horizon02, horizon17, kimono11, logout07, medicine13, twelfth03, twelfth05, twelfth07, twelfth08, twelfth09, twelfth11, yamato05, yamato07, yamato11
  • Recycled Art. (09/14) applecot02, applecot14, applecot18, applecot20, footloose01, footloose06, footloose10, footloose12, footloose14, footloose16, footloose17, footloose19, nice03, nice07, nice09, nice10, nice13, nice16, nice17, nice19

18 September 2015

21 September 2015
  • Pot of Gold 57. used maddog06, perfection16, loss16, exodus06, bravery20, willbeokay19, bandana02, bangle11, gloves14 | received rubber08, intuition13, giroexpress06, melodious12, maniac02, hattrick05, ouji14, agility04, disaresta06, youmu08, shikabane13, pudding12, allegiance17, maracas16, baka09, fang14, totem-pole11, hypnosis06, renowned04, elemia20, polearms18, no715, twosides02, gadgets12, collapses15, nocturne18, onion09, plasma17, german10, knucklehead08, germany14, loyalty18, laconic13, magicguild17, shounen15, masculine05, amati15, insei07, haraezuki04, benishigure10, blademaster06, shujin10, librarian11, dj19, raise12, bishi20, flowing20, southitaly12, mirakurun09, drug08, blackmagic19, sunfish10, parfaits03, number213, 2 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 1 green crayon, 2 blue crayons, 1 gray crayon

22 September 2015

23 September 2015
  • Colors Galactic Games Day 8. karma20, shoutengai14, devoted08, birdcalls15, investigator10, train13, 1 green crayon | choice green card: mustasim19
  • Colors Chat 38. innovator07, break08, stride07, violence01
  • Colors Chat 38. redcomet12, children04, laundry17, bigsister15, epsilon07, takasugi03, color09
  • Colors Chat 38. freeshooter18, barrels14, extinction14, thieves09, bluerogue04, worldthree12, renowned17
  • Colors Chat 39. girlsclub07, jealousy01, honeyflash13, broom20, theguard03, strip07, renegades06
  • Colors Chat 43. pharmacist20, mikazuki10, koryuji15, swingrock05, odd19, lorelei16, tiny01
  • Colors Chat 44. mail-order04, kagoshima18, analyst17, legalwife15, pervy17, drill19, silhouettes05
  • Colors Chat 45. shark13, winglet01, angelpowder12, thethorn15, conscious16, leocorp14, graywolf19
  • Colors Galactic Games Day 5. chivalry01, crazyslots08, versicolor19, sun10, callous18, feel07, confined09, fruitist20, gnosis18, forelock10, 1 green crayon | yellow choice card: itako01
  • Colors Galactic Games Day 6. deathboss16, suishouhime10, fractale12, firetornado10, tharsis14, fleshcan19, highrollers17, uniforms05, allstars09, flash18, thieves04, bond15

25 September 2015
  • Colors Galactic Games Day 2. volunteer11, tattooed05, steelclaws11, abandon16, heavenguide05, stera05, temper09, blade10, duras17, bluegrad04, inherited20, fisticuffs05, thieves19, yanderes02, 1 green crayon, 1 gray crayon

29 September 2015
  • Level Up! (lime) itadakimasu18, kodama19, boulder07, parfaits08, 1 orange crayon

30 September 2015
  • Coloring Book 109. used 1 orange crayon | received smoker02, busted17, namimori07, merines06, glabados10
  • Art Shop. used 3 red crayons, 6 purple crayons, 4 brown crayons, 3 gray crayons | turned in 5 sketchpads | used coupon: x2 Prizes for 8 Sketchpads (used 5 times) | received powerpuff16, itadakimasu02, itadakimasu06, itadakimasu09, itadakimasu12, itadakimasu16, itadakimasu19, pursuing06, pursuing08, pursuing12, pursuing13, al-thamen14, secondlife10, secondlife20, daggers07, orion18, redshoes04, taichou16, fastball17, personality18, doujinka09, plasma03, shadow03, height15, einstein19, reverse16, pc-9802, highjump02, economical08, godofdeath11, performance06, naginata04, delete09, bunbunmaru07, 2 red crayons, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon, 2 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons, 1 gray crayon

Trade Log

01 September 2015
  • Traded. ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓ my guns20, sakurait11, captain20, eldest03, epinard09, frontkiller03, symmetry18, tempest06, tempest10 for itadakimasu08, hatchin17, ichii-bal08, bloodelf05, odyssey10, tharsis14, worldchain07, eating12, stands03 ([personal profile] kuranosuke)

02 September 2015
  • Traded. ✓✓ my haven11, sillier03 for al-thamen18, mustasim07 ([personal profile] arilyn9)
  • Traded. ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓ my bamboo14, legal13, onett14, onett20, serious20, shopkeeper05, typhoon11, coolest02, virtuous17, warcannon10 for avalanche08, buddhism11, nullify08, nullify19, isako10, isako11, isako18, melnics01, artemyra11, bararaq11 | received ichii-bal02, disaresta16, imitation17, mysteries04, mysteries07 ([personal profile] estamir)
  • Traded. ✓✓ my cureace15, penguin07 for applecot08, applecot10 ([personal profile] advancing)

03 September 2015

04 September 2015

07 September 2015
  • Traded. ✓✓✓✓ my prismvoice10, shorthair05, shorthair07, twinkle18 for machinegun19, burmecia05, academy12, lionsguard05 ([personal profile] fortuneparty)

09 September 2015

14 Stepember 2015

20 September 2015

21 September 2015

29 September 2015

30 September 2015
  • Traded. ✓✓✓ my chocolatier17, pudding12, rose01 for chaos04, thehand14, ritsu01 | received sobbing20 ([personal profile] inventrix)
  • Traded. ✓ my September Slot 2 - niflheim04 for sobbing02 ([personal profile] sujini)

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