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Because I don't quite have the energy to do fifty. Anyway, the prompts are the first ten of Set Delta from [ profile] 1sentence. Wrote this because there is a distinct lack of English Golbez x Kain fanfiction.

01 - Air

Kain knows he's falling in too deep, that Golbez's hold over him is just going to get tighter and tighter, but he can't bring himself to pull away for a fresh breath.

02 - Apples*

Kain doesn't see the apple coming until it hits him in the face, and he's greeted with a disappointed-looking Golbez; the warlock promptly mutters, "I was hoping you would catch it."

03 - Beginning

Golbez holds him close, a hand protectively on his shoulder, as they watch the Giant in all its glory; Kain is thankful for the comfort of such a constant and familiar thing in the madness of the changing world.

04 - Bugs

Kain is well aware that Golbez holds the nobility of Baron in low regard, yet for some reason Golbez tolerates his presence.

05 - Coffee

Golbez is so quick to spring to life in the morning that Kain has no time to catch up.

06 - Dark

Once, Kain catches his reflection in the mirror, and he doesn't remember having dark rings around his eyes before, nor does he remember ever losing any sleep.

07 - Doors

Both servants and soldiers know better than to even attempt seeking out either of them when Golbez's doors are locked.

08 - Drink

When they meet again many years after Zeromus, one of the first things Golbez does is to take Kain out for a few drinks.

09 - Duty

If there is one thing Kain knows Golbez shares with him, it is the strength of their loyalty to Baron, and for Kain, to Golbez.

10 - Despair

"I shall miss your presence by my side," whispers Golbez as he walks away with Fusoya, though only Kain hears him and the Dragoon can't help but murmur back ever so quietly, "And I yours."

* In medieval times, just tossing an apple at a woman could be enough of a marriage proposal. If the lady caught it, that meant yes.

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