May. 20th, 2014

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As part of my efforts to change my life around, I've started keeping a Tiddlyspace notebook to keep me organized in my fannish/web based pursuits. You see, I recently realized that I had somehow made my life revolve around fandom and roleplay, and...I really don't like that. So I've also decided to start journaling again and posting more than a few words about the things I do here on this DW.

So, personal updates first. Like I said recently, I've just entered my third year of college. In fact, yesterday was the first day. It was really quite stressful, as I had exactly one class in another campus squished between two classes in another (and my usual) campus. And the other campus happens to be an entire block away. So all my Mondays for this term will be like this.

I'm a bit worried about my 3D Animation class though. I'm required to use a specific software that has no OSX version, so I'll have to bust out the Vbox again. Worst still is that my school doesn't provide copies of required software for a student discount while simultaneously looking down on and discouraging piracy. Well, what do they expect their students to do in a situation like that?

In other news, I picked up a really neat organizer with so many pockets while in Hong Kong. So far it's served me well and I look forward to making lots of good use of it.

Promstuck is this Saturday and needless to say I am super --EXCIT--ED! I'll be going as Meenah, in a suit and hot pink shades, while my date will be going as Feferi. Well, hopefully she can attend, her parents have so far been utter bullshit about this.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders airs every Friday, but I only grab new episodes come Friday and my god I'm infinitely in a state of HYPE TRAIN for this series. I ended up joining the Jojo fandom last year after watching the anime of Part 1 and Part 2, then I read the entire manga up to Part 7. I still have to read Part 8, but I'm looking to start soon.

Now for some media updates!

Recent Books )

Movies next. Uh. This is a big-ish list so I'm just going to put all the posters together and go through each one quickly.

Recent Movies )

Now for anime!

Recent Anime )

And video games! I recently got myself a 3DS and oh man it has been awesome.

Recent Games )

Right now I'm watching Mirai Nikki and playing Pokemon Black. I'm not sure yet what book to read next. Probably Champion, to round off the Legend Trilogy.

That said, I don't think my next post like this will have this many movies in it. Probably just one or two, like X-men Days of Future Past. Which is coming out tomorrow. Gods, I'm so excited for that I don't know what to think.


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