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Fics from Plurk! Each is five sentences only. All were written while in school while waiting for class to start.

1. SMTII, Louis/Aleph, loneliness. For [personal profile] misheard.

He wasn't alone, not in the physical sense, what with all the demons who would give themselves up to him if he demanded it. But Aleph was dying, and no matter how much Louis wanted otherwise, his immortal soul belonged to the Enemy and he would not remember Louis. Not in the next world, not in any to come, and Aleph would never really be his again.

And Louis knows, as he holds Aleph's weakening hands and watches as the life flees his quivering lips, that there will never quite be another hero like Aleph. And Louis knows that this--this is what it means to be truly alone.

2. Aleph/Louis, tonight it's my turn to top - I mean uh. For [personal profile] misheard.

Aleph, as it turned out, was actually quite...adventurous in bed. Louis had no trouble keeping up of course, but his latest request was, ah, not exactly one Louis had been expecting.

"I mean I've always wondered what it'd be like and I'm always receiving and maybe just once I'd like to be the giver--" Aleph babbled on and on, as though trying to explain himself; it was actually rather cute.

Louis chuckled and cut him off, not entirely sure himself what he was about to get himself into, just that he trusted Aleph. "Okay."

3. Homestuck, Nannasprite & Jake.

She sees her childhood in him, and she remembers her brother, her Jake. He's just as impulsive, just as adventurous, and she can see how sweet he is, really, but she knows he's not the same Jake.

His first reaction to her is that she's blue, then followed by the realization that she's Jane. A much much older and different Jane, but Jane nonetheless, and he bows and smiles and is such a gentleman to her that she can't help but smile back.

She wonders if his Jane knows how lucky she is.

4. Beast Wars, Tigerhawk & Transmutate.

In the short time that he was with the Maximals, he had seen the record of her, short and brief, as though they wanted only to forget her, but could not for the sake of completeness. "Transmutate", they had called her, an ugly name for an imperfect creature.

Tigerhawk puts her out of his mind quickly enough, and focuses on the tasks at hand. It's later on, as he traverses the path to the Matrix, that he remembers her, as a single spark, pure and perfect like all others, comes to greet him.

Safe, whispered her spark to him.

5. Homestuck, Draconian Dignitary & Condesce.

DD traces the shape of her face, her skin cold against his shell. She was dead, at long last, much like the Black Queen before her, and he supposes it is ironic that the ring she gave him contributed to her defeat.

Still, he must admit that she is beautiful, both in life and in death. He brushes aside a lock of her hair, soaked with her royal blood, then releases her into the void of space.

He shoots her a few more times, just in case, then watches her blood fill the void.

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