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Another random crossover I found in my old files! I'm not sure what to think of this having the Castings in it. Of all things. The Castings.


Sam remembered the days when life had still been normal. Back then, he had been your average high school boy, and life had been about passing school and getting the girl.

Yes, life was so much simpler when you didn't have to worry about the end of all existence as you know it.

"Steady, Sam," said Acton, placing a firm hand on his shoulder. Sam looked over at him, tightening his grip on the blaster in his hands.

"Kind hard to be steady here," he muttered, trying not to fall off the ledge. Acton had released him and was balancing himself as well, gripping the edge. Sam settled on peering over the edge.

He could see Megatron, the purple one, arguing furiously with the Megatron he was much more familiar with. They were clearly on unequal standings, with the silver Megatron towering over his counterpart.

His gaze went to the human-sized figures on the side. Thegan. Dr. Doom. Several others he recognized, and--

"Bramble," breathed Acton, and Sam could see her too, lying in a heap at their feet. Even from their vantage point, Sam could tell she needed medical attention.

"Let's do this," he said, just as Acton squeezed his own headset.

"Acton to command," said the blonde boy, "We've got a visual on Bramble."

"Do not engage," came Prowl's voice.

"Engaging," said Acton with a grin directed at Sam. "see you in hell, Prowl."

And before either Sam or Prowl could say anything, Acton leapt off the ledge and dashed down into the midst of the gathered villains.
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