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Silence Like Cancer Grow (5086 words) by Beaslays
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Cecil Harvey, Golbez, Kain Highwind, Rosa Joanna Farrell, Rydia, Edge Geraldine, Edward Chris von Muir, Anna (Final Fantasy IV), King Giott, Luca (Final Fantasy IV), Yang Fang Leiden, Palom, Porom, Tellah, Cid Pollendina, FuSoYa, Zemus (Final Fantasy IV), Non-Player Characters
Summary: Is it better to stay silent, or to speak up? Sixteen people whose lives could have been different, had Cecil Harvey not stayed silent.
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Oh right and I forgot to mention I'm writing a FFIV/Dragon Age crossover for the rest of my NaNo.
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So I'm about to start RPing Golbez again on tumblr.

I may have just made his url kneelbeforezot
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For [personal profile] spook_me.

Title: Dance the Night Away
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV / Anna AU
Prompt: Zombies
Word Count: 1276
Summary: After hours of fighting for their survival, Kain and Anna face the undead head-on.
Notes: ...I'm really not much of a horror writer. This started turning more and more into drama, until I finally gave in and just let that happen.

Anna dared not breathe. )

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And then I got the urge to write down my headcanon for Golbez in the form of a fic.


Archfiends raising Theodor, anyone?
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 Don't you love it when stories write themselves and push their way to the front of your mind?

'Cause that just happened to me. Fun.

I was planning to write a Battle B-daman fanfic for [ profile] smallfandombang, but then I ended up starting a Final Fantasy IV fic instead, which is essentially an AU wherein Anna survives instead of Edward.

...I'm so horrible to Edward, but I do love him, really! c:

( I seem to enjoy seeing the characters I love the most )

As for this AU stealing the spotlight in my head, it's also taken over for [personal profile] spook_me. I was already planning a FFIV fic for that, but then somehow I managed to think of one where Anna was around, and so I went off on that bunny, and now I have a side story in continuity with the big bang one.

Anna what are you doiing.

( Also, I have half the mind to write Anna as similar to Anna Kyouyama from Shaman King. Urk, that's not going to work at all! )

Oh, the other day, I got a Golbez x Edge bunny.

Which is bad, because I've always placed Golbez as being indifferent towards Edge, and sometimes even forgetting who that Eblanese dood is.

All this in the middle of a ridiculously hectic school life. What do, what do.

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Because I don't quite have the energy to do fifty. Anyway, the prompts are the first ten of Set Delta from [ profile] 1sentence. Wrote this because there is a distinct lack of English Golbez x Kain fanfiction.

Lots of headcanon here. )

* In medieval times, just tossing an apple at a woman could be enough of a marriage proposal. If the lady caught it, that meant yes.

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Title: For As Long As There Is Evil Golbez Edition
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV / FFTumblr
Genre: Angst, Drama
Word Count: 1352
Summary: Golbez goes to the moon to investigate the voices he's been hearing in his head.
Warning: Mindfuckery.
Notes: The first of Golbez's part of an ongoing narrative RP on Tumblr where I RP Golbez.. I liked it enough to post it here.

In which Golbez gets screwed over by the Crystals, Zeromus and himself )

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Image heavy post warning.
Note: Conversations are paraphrased.

Previously: We are introduced to our hero, who is then promptly stripped of his rank and ordered to go to the Land of Mist with his not-boyfriend Kain.

In which there is procrastination )

Next: Eidolon-slaying!
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Image heavy post warning.

Because I like play logs, it seems, even though the Complete Collection of FFIV is coming out in two months.

So, it's been ages since I last played a Final Fantasy game that wasn't Dissidia, and even though it's one of my favorites, FFIV is one game I have never completed.

So, anyway, getting started with a clean copy of the DS version of Final Fantasy IV...

Beginning THE story of redemption )

Next time: Angsting, and the Mist Cave procrastinating.
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This was for over_look on LJ.

Fandom: Final Fantasy IV
Claim: the previous generation
Characters Fusoya, Kluya
Table/Theme Name & Number: Table I - #03 Colors
Rating: G
Warnings: Sort of spoiler-ish for FFIV endgame.
Summary: The Blue Planet is nothing like the Crystal Palace. Fusoya could not quite fathom why Kluya thought it was better.

Light of the Silver Moon )

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