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I won't be giving individual pieces titles, so I'll be putting the prompt in the title.

Title: 33. Lost
Verse: Multiverse AU
Characters: Thundercracker (G1)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 562
Warning: Mindscrew and mention of a dead mech
Summary: Thundercracker wakes up in a cell, with no knowledge of how he got there.
Table Here.

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So, [community profile] transformers_chain caught my eye, and I thought I'd have the table up here even if my claim hasn't been acknowledged yet (I'm excited to work on this, I can't help it!).

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I'll clean this up later and explain things better, but here's my claim.

Soooo, I've only recently started writing Transformers fic, but there's this one AU thing going on in my head that's begging to be written but I just can't seem to write it out. I thought I'd try using the prompt table here as motivation and inspiration :D

The AU is kind of weird, basically, it's one where majority of the multiverse got smushed together for one reason or another and the place turns into a giant playground for the many Megatrons. Specific characters I'm thinking of writing are G1 Thundercracker, BW Blackarachnia and Ani Flareup...other characters are probably going to get dragged into the mess too.

It's a crazy AU that lodged itself in my brain cells and refuses to let go no matter how much I pry at it.

ETA 04/25/11: I've given this verse a title. "Of the Valorous" fits quite nicely to what I have in mind. And because I like giving my fics codenames, this one's is now "Valorous" instead of "multiversewar".

ETA 05/23/11: An update. The next piece in this series will be under prompt 63, Truce. Thundercracker meets up with others trapped in the strange place.


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