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For [personal profile] spook_me.

Title: Dance the Night Away
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV / Anna AU
Prompt: Zombies
Word Count: 1276
Summary: After hours of fighting for their survival, Kain and Anna face the undead head-on.
Notes: ...I'm really not much of a horror writer. This started turning more and more into drama, until I finally gave in and just let that happen.

Anna dared not breathe. )

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It's official, I can't write horror.

Or at least, I try to, but it still ends up being a character-based drama.

That said, I've finished writing my piece for [personal profile] spook_me.

Now onto the backstory in [ profile] smallfandombang!
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 Don't you love it when stories write themselves and push their way to the front of your mind?

'Cause that just happened to me. Fun.

I was planning to write a Battle B-daman fanfic for [ profile] smallfandombang, but then I ended up starting a Final Fantasy IV fic instead, which is essentially an AU wherein Anna survives instead of Edward.

...I'm so horrible to Edward, but I do love him, really! c:

( I seem to enjoy seeing the characters I love the most )

As for this AU stealing the spotlight in my head, it's also taken over for [personal profile] spook_me. I was already planning a FFIV fic for that, but then somehow I managed to think of one where Anna was around, and so I went off on that bunny, and now I have a side story in continuity with the big bang one.

Anna what are you doiing.

( Also, I have half the mind to write Anna as similar to Anna Kyouyama from Shaman King. Urk, that's not going to work at all! )

Oh, the other day, I got a Golbez x Edge bunny.

Which is bad, because I've always placed Golbez as being indifferent towards Edge, and sometimes even forgetting who that Eblanese dood is.

All this in the middle of a ridiculously hectic school life. What do, what do.

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 Well then, these past few weeks have been interesting.

I'm doing things I've never done before. That's a good thing right?

Said things include [personal profile] spook_me , [community profile] fanbingo and [ profile] smallfandombang . The last one being my first attempt at a big bang (which I only really learned about last week).

Good luck to me, I guess!

Also, Pottermore. Name's midnightseeker116! Add me, loves (and do let me know...).

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