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I actually started writing fanfic in the fandom Battle B-daman, and I haven't being showing much of my love for it lately. This was first published on March 30, 2010.

Note: For the sake of this fic, the whole MardaB war happens a bit later, when everyone's a little older and into their early teens. It's still more or less entirely the same though.

Disclaimer: Battle B-Daman belongs to Inuki Eiji/Takara/Hasbro. This is a fan-made piece of work and is not for profit in any way at all.

- - - - -

The three people in Karat's life who dealt with the dark, and the one among them who battled the light. )

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These are from January of 2009, but I do like most of them, so I thought I'd post it on here. These are from writing_game on LJ, by the way.

Title: Child’s Play
Prompt: Incendiary
World: Original=Etreverse (Gen.2)
Word Count: 200
Total Points: 3

Incendiary )

Title: Decision
Prompt: Knot
World: Original=Etreverse (Gen.2)
Word Count: 145
Total Points: 5

Knot )

Title: God Save Our Demon King
Prompt: Mindset
World: Original=Etreverse (Gen.2)
Word Count: 192
Total Points: 7

Mindset )

Title: What She Owed
Prompt: Money for Nothing
World: Original=Etreverse (Gen.2)
Word Count: 162
Total Points: 9

Money for Nothing )

Title: A Reunion
Prompt: Palatable
World: Original=Etreverse (Gen.2)
Word Count: 200
Total Points: 12

Palatable )

Title: Of Angels and Orders (and the Girl who Despised Them)
Prompt: Rank
World: Original=Etreverse (Gen.2)
Word Count: 198
Total Points: 13

Rank )

Title: Beginning Descent
Prompt: Scruple
World: Original=Etreverse (Gen.2)
Word Count: 200
Total Points: 15

Scruple )

Prompt: Doppelganger
World: Original=Etreverse (Gen.2)
Total Points: 22
Post Secret

Doppelganger )

Title: Over the Top
Prompt: Extra
Fandom: Battle B-daman (AU Future)
Pairing: Onesided Karat x Gray
Word Count: 200
Total Points: 25

Extra )

Title: Countdown
Prompt: Zero
Fandom: Battle B-daman (AU Future)
Word Count: 199
Total Points: 27

Zero )

Title: Wait, What?
Prompt: Crap
Fandom: Battle B-daman (AU Future)
Word Count: 166
Total Points: 28

Crap )

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