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Title: He Never Came
Verse/Characters: Etreverse Generation I / Yannesse, Tauzneal
Table: A - General
Prompt: 34. Not Enough
Word Count: 618
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Yannesse confronts himself - and the dead - on a battlefield.
Warnings: Some violence, though not very graphic.
Author's Notes: Another one about Yannesse? Yes, yes, he's a main character and all, but he's not the only one. I swear I'll get to writing more about the others one of these days. Anyway, once again, we hear about Tauzneal, but still no sign of this dead man.

What it means to fail )

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Title: Contrast
Verse/Characters: Etreverse Generation II / Rune, Naitsu
Table: A - General
Prompt: 18. Black
Word Count: 206
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rune and Naitsu, and the color black.
Author's Notes: Finally some second generation characters! I really should do more with them. Just a quick warning for implied sex, and if you squint there's a hint of slash.

Maybe that's why... )

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Title: Powerplay
Verse/Characters: Etreverse Generation I / Yannesse, mentions of Amy and Tsubame
Table: A - General
Prompt: 11. Red
Word Count: 305
Rating: G
Summary: Yannesse reflects on the color red.
Author's Notes: Thought I'd try getting into Yannesse's head some more.

It is the color he wants to be rid of. )

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Title: A Curtain of White
Verse/Characters: Etreverse Generation I / Yannesse, Amy, Tsubame, Asahi (not named)
Table: A - General
Prompt: 67. Snow
Word Count: 2582
Rating: PG
Summary: A boy looks for his father in the snow, a girl discovers the curtain between her and another.
Warnings: Er...major spoilers for this verse?
Author's Notes: This...probably isn't very understandable, as there's a lot of backstory I skipped over and didn't elaborate. Hopefully I'll be able to do that in later stories. Also, it's been a while since I've written anything this long OTL

Allow me to handwave that. )

I...hope that made sense.

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[community profile] originalfic100 has been on my mind lately. SO, I've decided to sign up for it with Etreverse, considering I really should get to writing in that verse some more.

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