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Silence Like Cancer Grow (5086 words) by Beaslays
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Cecil Harvey, Golbez, Kain Highwind, Rosa Joanna Farrell, Rydia, Edge Geraldine, Edward Chris von Muir, Anna (Final Fantasy IV), King Giott, Luca (Final Fantasy IV), Yang Fang Leiden, Palom, Porom, Tellah, Cid Pollendina, FuSoYa, Zemus (Final Fantasy IV), Non-Player Characters
Summary: Is it better to stay silent, or to speak up? Sixteen people whose lives could have been different, had Cecil Harvey not stayed silent.
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Another random crossover I found in my old files! I'm not sure what to think of this having the Castings in it. Of all things. The Castings.

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Found some old stuff I wrote that I sort of like? Most of them were crossovers. Anyway, this one was a Marvel/District 9/Transformers one... yeah, I don't know either.

All this just to make the 'Or Stark' joke. )

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I'll add a proper header here and give this a tktle tomorrow. Rihht now I just need to get this posted so I can sleepp soon. Basic summary: SMT Noctune, an insomnia induced fanfic about Hijiri.

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Title: To the Edge of the Earth
Fandom: Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, Shin Megami Tensei II
Characters: Lucifer, Beelzebub, Hitoshura, Raidou, Aleph, Michael, random demons
Pairing: Louis/Aleph
Genre: Angst, Drama
Word Count: 1116
Rating: T
Warnings: Character death, war-based situation, mentions of demons being demons, brainwashing, some violence
Summary: The Angels play their trump card in the Final War. It doesn't go as well as they expect, not when said trump card is the only man Lucifer ever loved.
Notes: I blame Hezza for this. Also this fic is rambly, slightly incoherent, is rushed, and is the foundation for something bigger I plan to write later. It's set post True Demon Ending of Nocturne, during the Final War.


Whatever the Angels had been planning, it had not been enough to turn the tides of war. With Hitoshura at Lucifer's side, bringing the fight to the gates of heaven had been easy. Overrun, and taken by surprise, the Angels could do nothing but retreat to the innermost palace.

It's a brave new world, from the last to the first... )

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Oh right and I forgot to mention I'm writing a FFIV/Dragon Age crossover for the rest of my NaNo.
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Title: The Midst of Nothing Part Six
Fandom: Transformers G1
Characters: Bluestreak, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Autobot Ensemble, Barricade, Skywarp, Ratchet, Starscream, Prowl
Rating: T
Genre: Drama
Word Count: 1549
Summary: Plans for the next match, what Skypwarp is up to, and more plans, for something else.

Notes: It's almost been a year! Longer chapter than usual for that XD

I've started posting this to my AO3 account, so I'll be linking to it there instead. Easier than posting in three different places when I'm pressed for time.

AO3 account: [ profile] beaslays 

500 fics.

Sep. 23rd, 2012 11:31 am
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So instead of clogging up my blogs and this journal with 500 fic posts, I made a tumblr dedicated entirely to the challenge.

I'll be setting up a masterpost later for navigational purposes, but for now all that's there are a John/Vriska Homestuck poem and a Tangled darkfic.

500 fics?

Sep. 14th, 2012 11:40 pm
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So I think I want to tackle this monster of a prompt list.

I'll probably do it "unofficially" though, as it looks like the mod for that community has disappeared.
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Fics from Plurk! Each is five sentences only. All were written while in school while waiting for class to start.

1. SMTII, Louis/Aleph, loneliness. For [personal profile] misheard.

What is loneliness for the devil? )

2. Aleph/Louis, tonight it's my turn to top - I mean uh. For [personal profile] misheard.

Aleph likes to try new things. )

3. Homestuck, Nannasprite & Jake.

Alpha =/= Beta )

4. Beast Wars, Tigerhawk & Transmutate.

The Matrix welcomes you. )

5. Homestuck, Draconian Dignitary & Condesce.

Beauty only in death. )

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Title: Changes 3
Fandom: Transformers G1
Characters: fem!Soundwave, fem!Shockwave Starscream, the Constructicons, mentions of fem!Megatron and Rumble and Frenzy
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 611
Summary: Soundwave watches from the shadows. Then takes things into her own hands.
Notes: Last in this silly series of drabbles. Unless Starscream demands for a part of his own.
Changes 1 2 3

Starscream meant little to her. )

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Welp, it's definitely been a while. Anyway, here's two Homestuck fics from this past week!

Title: Insomnia
Fandom: Homestuck
Characters: Spades Slick
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Word Count: 534

Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, on the floor, sheets all tangled and blood - you never remember from which parts of you - spattered all over them.

Title: Not With A Bang
Fandom: Homestuck
Characters: Spades Slick, Snowman
Pairing: Spades Slick Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Word Count: 395
Warning: Major Character Death, Spoilers for EOA5

In the universe's final moment, he held her.

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Title: Senshi Night
Fandom: Shin Megami Tensei II
Characters: Aleph, Daleth, Beth, Zain, Gimmel, Hiroko
Rating: T
Genre: Crackfic
Warnings: Cursing
Summary: Aleph is throwing a Great Big Sleepover. Daleth's been invited. Daleth does not like Aleph, but Beth does. Zain and Gimmel come along for the ride.
Notes: I had fun with this, and the AU it occupies might have started eating my brain. Had this gone any longer though, then Louis Cyphre and Hijiri would have shown up.
Written for [ profile] smtsunday .

Daleth didn't like Aleph at all. )

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All right, so I've been thinking of using this journal for some personal stuff as well, and I figured I might as well start with a goals post for November.

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Looking forward to this month, and definitely gonna try to be more productive.

Also: Persona 4 The Animation! Transformers Prime season two! Kings! Beast Machines! So many goddamn shows to watch!
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Sooo, I'm attempting this year, and I've been setting up plot and preparing and stuff.

I'll be posting daily progress updates over at [ profile] ketirra, and longer excerpts over at [community profile] ketirra.

Yes, this year's novel is titled Ketirra.
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For [personal profile] spook_me.

Title: Dance the Night Away
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV / Anna AU
Prompt: Zombies
Word Count: 1276
Summary: After hours of fighting for their survival, Kain and Anna face the undead head-on.
Notes: ...I'm really not much of a horror writer. This started turning more and more into drama, until I finally gave in and just let that happen.

Anna dared not breathe. )

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And then I got the urge to write down my headcanon for Golbez in the form of a fic.


Archfiends raising Theodor, anyone?
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Title: Changes 2
Fandom: Transformers G1
Characters: fem!Shockwave, Starscream, minor appearances by Scrapper and the rest of the Constructicons, mentions of fem!Megatron and fem!Soundwave
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 782
Summary: Shockwave receives Megatron's letter, and makes a dangerous decision.
Notes: Second in that creepy drabble trio wherein everyone is human but some are women. Mainly Megatron, Shockwave and Soundwave.
Changes 1 2

Starscream amused her. )

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Title: The Midst of Nothing Part Five
Fandom: Transformers G1
Characters: Prowl, Starscream, Megatron, and one special character
Rating: T
Genre: Drama
Word Count: 826
Summary: Prowl breaks into Megatron's quarters. Starscream and Megatron are up to their old games.
Notes: Just mentioning the name of a certain bot is a spoiler in this thing...also, I'm handwaving the hacking with "they're giant robots on an alien planet".

I've started posting this to my AO3 account, so I'll be linking to it there instead. Easier than posting in three different places when I'm pressed for time.

AO3 account: [ profile] beaslays 

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