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09/12/2014 - Rediscovered Pokemon adoptable sites! I'll be using this post as a sort of master post for them. Also, hello DW, it's been a while.
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Just a silly little list of what each of the SMT demons could be as Neopets. List is a WIP and I'm only posting it here for convenience. Much love to [personal profile] misheard for some of these <3

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Calm the fuck down, brain. Fine, fine, I'll list down all the random plot bunnies you have, juuust because I already played Neopets and you still don't wanna calm down.

...This is probably gonna turn into my to-do list.

  • Ratchet the Decepticon ficlets (Ratchet x Starscream!? DO NOT WANT, BRAIN)
  • Terry x Waspy fic
  • Some Sentinel Prime x Prowl drivel (need to get this pairing down...)
  • The main Seeker trine dressed up as the Powerpuff Girls :| Godammit what am I on?
  • Blackened Identity crap
  • Blackened Identity sidefic about Sideswipe in another world
  • Skywarp x Prowl Enforcer AU thingy :|
  • Megatron x Prowl pre-war thing
  • Starscream x Prowl academy whatever blah blah crap
  • Optimus x Prowl friendship/lover fluff
  • That one Soundwave x Miku Hatsune thing

Prowl, get your lovers out of my head.

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Because I'm sure that putting this here will actually remind me to do something about these games instead of being lazy and wasting my life on TV Tropes.

So, in no particular and arranged according to series, a list of the current games I really, really should finish this year, or at least play. Hopefully I'll get most of these done by the end of summer. Hopefully.

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I'm pretty sure I also have a bunch of other games I need to get back to, but for now, these are my priority.


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