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Silence Like Cancer Grow (5086 words) by Beaslays
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Cecil Harvey, Golbez, Kain Highwind, Rosa Joanna Farrell, Rydia, Edge Geraldine, Edward Chris von Muir, Anna (Final Fantasy IV), King Giott, Luca (Final Fantasy IV), Yang Fang Leiden, Palom, Porom, Tellah, Cid Pollendina, FuSoYa, Zemus (Final Fantasy IV), Non-Player Characters
Summary: Is it better to stay silent, or to speak up? Sixteen people whose lives could have been different, had Cecil Harvey not stayed silent.
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I'll add a proper header here and give this a tktle tomorrow. Rihht now I just need to get this posted so I can sleepp soon. Basic summary: SMT Noctune, an insomnia induced fanfic about Hijiri.

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Title: To the Edge of the Earth
Fandom: Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, Shin Megami Tensei II
Characters: Lucifer, Beelzebub, Hitoshura, Raidou, Aleph, Michael, random demons
Pairing: Louis/Aleph
Genre: Angst, Drama
Word Count: 1116
Rating: T
Warnings: Character death, war-based situation, mentions of demons being demons, brainwashing, some violence
Summary: The Angels play their trump card in the Final War. It doesn't go as well as they expect, not when said trump card is the only man Lucifer ever loved.
Notes: I blame Hezza for this. Also this fic is rambly, slightly incoherent, is rushed, and is the foundation for something bigger I plan to write later. It's set post True Demon Ending of Nocturne, during the Final War.


Whatever the Angels had been planning, it had not been enough to turn the tides of war. With Hitoshura at Lucifer's side, bringing the fight to the gates of heaven had been easy. Overrun, and taken by surprise, the Angels could do nothing but retreat to the innermost palace.

It's a brave new world, from the last to the first... )

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Title: The Mirror Blue Night
Fandom: Transformers G1 / Movieverse
Characters: Jazz, Prowl, Barricade, Sideswipe, mentions of Bluestreak and Megatron
Rating: G
Genre: Angst, Drama
Word Count: 1907 (does not include the song lyrics)
Summary: Prowl and Jazz. Prowl and Bluestreak. Prowl and Barricade. The truth comes out eventually.
Notes: This is set in a mixture of G1 and Movieverse. Credits for the premise of this fic go to my awesome little sister. The song used is Bang Bang, as sung by Nancy Sinatra and heard in Kill Bill. It might not be overly appropriate to the characters and their situation, but it was the song in my head as I wrote this. The title is also a song, from the Spring Awakening musical this time. And thus, this Author's Notes got really long.

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A/N: Confusing? Too weird? Characters OOC? Do let me know. I have a huuuuge number of notes concerning the details of this particular verse - because the bunny was simply that strong.

Oh, and that entire last part takes place long, long after some semblance of the Dark of the Moon novelization.

ETA: Slaggit, Dreamwidth, quit messing with my coding!

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I actually started writing fanfic in the fandom Battle B-daman, and I haven't being showing much of my love for it lately. This was first published on March 30, 2010.

Note: For the sake of this fic, the whole MardaB war happens a bit later, when everyone's a little older and into their early teens. It's still more or less entirely the same though.

Disclaimer: Battle B-Daman belongs to Inuki Eiji/Takara/Hasbro. This is a fan-made piece of work and is not for profit in any way at all.

- - - - -

The three people in Karat's life who dealt with the dark, and the one among them who battled the light. )

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Oh, look, fanfic! As usual, unbeta-ed, and this one is even more rushed than usual, but I'm content with it :D

Title: Retrospection's Deceit
Fandom: Dissidia Final Fantasy
Characters: Warrior of Light
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word Count: 1564
Summary: Cosmos promised them that they would return to their worlds. She never promised that they would find peace and happiness in returning.
Notes: WoL-POV. For an explanation, eh, see author notes after the fic.

The war is over. Time to go home. But happy times? Nope, not yet. )

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