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Fics from Plurk! Each is five sentences only. All were written while in school while waiting for class to start.

1. SMTII, Louis/Aleph, loneliness. For [personal profile] misheard.

What is loneliness for the devil? )

2. Aleph/Louis, tonight it's my turn to top - I mean uh. For [personal profile] misheard.

Aleph likes to try new things. )

3. Homestuck, Nannasprite & Jake.

Alpha =/= Beta )

4. Beast Wars, Tigerhawk & Transmutate.

The Matrix welcomes you. )

5. Homestuck, Draconian Dignitary & Condesce.

Beauty only in death. )

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Because I don't quite have the energy to do fifty. Anyway, the prompts are the first ten of Set Delta from [ profile] 1sentence. Wrote this because there is a distinct lack of English Golbez x Kain fanfiction.

Lots of headcanon here. )

* In medieval times, just tossing an apple at a woman could be enough of a marriage proposal. If the lady caught it, that meant yes.

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Title: The Mirror Blue Night
Fandom: Transformers G1 / Movieverse
Characters: Jazz, Prowl, Barricade, Sideswipe, mentions of Bluestreak and Megatron
Rating: G
Genre: Angst, Drama
Word Count: 1907 (does not include the song lyrics)
Summary: Prowl and Jazz. Prowl and Bluestreak. Prowl and Barricade. The truth comes out eventually.
Notes: This is set in a mixture of G1 and Movieverse. Credits for the premise of this fic go to my awesome little sister. The song used is Bang Bang, as sung by Nancy Sinatra and heard in Kill Bill. It might not be overly appropriate to the characters and their situation, but it was the song in my head as I wrote this. The title is also a song, from the Spring Awakening musical this time. And thus, this Author's Notes got really long.

Read more... )

A/N: Confusing? Too weird? Characters OOC? Do let me know. I have a huuuuge number of notes concerning the details of this particular verse - because the bunny was simply that strong.

Oh, and that entire last part takes place long, long after some semblance of the Dark of the Moon novelization.

ETA: Slaggit, Dreamwidth, quit messing with my coding!


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